Join us in supporting the inspiring journey of a legless boy who dreams of going to school facing challenges with courage and determination Lets show our love and encouragement for his brave spirit

The challenging path of a legless boy: The boy with teary eyes simply dreams of going to school like his friends

He was born different; he has long legs. He is a funny and cheerful guy despite having no legs. He can play tennis, fetch water, sweep things, etc.

His mother was told to stop breastfeeding the boy, saying he was useless, but the mother objected and would not breastfeed her disabled boy. This boy is about to drop out of school because of lack of tuition. But this is their parents’ last hope. Meeting the 7-year-old boy shocked everyone.

“Atтιтude is a choice. Don’t be overwhelmed by the fears in your heart. Instead of worrying about what you can control, shift your energy to what you can create. Never regret a day in your life. Good days bring happiness, bad days bring experiences, bad days bring lessons, and the best days bring memories.”

My child was born without legs. I had to have a cesarean section because he didn’t have legs to push himself out, and immediately after the birth I went into a coma from the pain I was experiencing. When I woke up from the coma, the doctors didn’t tell me about my baby, but I later found out that he had legs.

He walks by crawling, and he enjoys it because he has another choice. He has developed his own strategies that help him at work. Even though he has legs, that doesn’t stop him from interacting with children his age, and that’s why children love him so much. They felt sympathy for him, and they were always by his side, ready to play with him.

All these kids are ready to fight for him in case he encounters any problems. They love him. There was a 1 year old boy who gave him a coin to buy a hat. These children love being a part of my child’s life, and he enjoys their company. My child is very used to having legs. Wherever he went out on the street, a lot of people stared at him, causing overcrowding.

My son plays tennis; It’s his favorite game. But whenever he sees other kids playing football, he also joins them and kicks the ball while sitting. He also exercises.

He is not a lazy boy, despite his legs. He performs various activities and helps his mother, whether it is sweeping the floor, washing dishes, washing clothes or fetching water. Even when he goes to the neighbors, he cleans the house and does everything he can. He started to light the charcoal stove.

When I helped him out, I was shocked and said, “Why me?” Other mothers have come to me and said, “If I were you, I wouldn’t breastfeed this boy so he wouldn’t grow up. If you let him grow up, you will suffer all your life.” They told me that this boy would always sleep, he would never go anywhere, he would defecate on his own and I would just feed him. They discourage me. But I told myself that I should give him lots of attention and affection to boost his morale and approval.

The older he gets, the more he resembles another child, crying, trying to see. After six months, he asked to sit. Since he had reached that stage, I couldn’t find any solution, even though I had enough money to buy him a chair. I dug a hole and stuffed the clothes in there. I put him in that little hole, and I’m always next to him, checking on him. So he started sitting down in that little hole and slowly learned how to sit down in that little hole. When he was old, he began to crawl. He can crawl onto his stomach and move out of that hole. Then he started sitting comfortably everywhere, not just in that hole. As days pᴀssed, he began to walk.

Time pᴀssed, and a Catholic nun heard a story about a child born without two legs. She decided to visit υs, came, prayed and left. She said she couldn’t help but God bless this boy. After two years, a Catholic sister named υs and said there is a boarding school that helps educate disabled children. Unfortunately, we could not afford to pay the amount needed to send him to that school.

A month later, we took the boy to that school. He beeped at that school. When we got to school, they told us we had to pay tuition, which we couldn’t afford. The child never had to pay because the school was very far away, and the transportation necessary for us there we could not support for three months. They wondered if we would abandon our own child, but all because we had that child.

We told them that we needed some money to pay υp. At least, a visit once a year. In most cases, we do not offer tuition. When we have a little money, we pay a small part of the tuition, but if we don’t have it, we don’t pay. Sometimes they told me to pick up my child so he wouldn’t have to pay tuition, but we had to pay the debt

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