A Newborn Baby in the Foetal Position Is As Precious As an Angel

A mother will never forget the instant in which her child is born. It is one of effusive adoration, immense relief, unexpected elation, and unadulterated joy. In reality, there is no greater act of altruism than a mother giving her infant the priceless gift of life.



Former midwife Marry Fermont, 35, from Zeeland, the Netherlands, captured the incredible images as part of her project documenting the first minutes of newborns’ lives. PH๏τos capture the moment newborns were placed in the midwife’s arms mere seconds after birth. Tiny and lovely hands, toes touching the nose, curled like a tus position… PH๏τos with simple textures, colour blending, and black and white emphasise the image of adorable infants held by adults. Marry, who became a birth pH๏τographer in 2011, has attended over 75 births in Belgium and the Netherlands, pH๏τographing women giving birth at home, in hospitals, and in birthing centres.


She stated, “When a baby is born, it’s as if everything occurs simultaneously in rapid succession and in slow motion, as if time has stopped. Being present at such an intimate moment feels like a privilege, and you forget about everything else going on around you, with the exception of taking pH๏τographs, of course. Numerous midwives demonstrate to women how their infant was positioned in the womb. Once they are born, it is difficult to imagine how they appeared within. When I documented my first birth, the midwife revealed to the mother what the foetus appeared like within the uterus. Since then, I’ve always requested that the midwife demonstrate it. The most rewarding aspect is being able to participate in one of life’s most beautiful moments. The parents are so appreciative when they receive the pH๏τographs. My job is the most satisfying ever. The most challenging aspect is always being on call. It affects your entire life and way of living. You can never stray too far from home, you can’t , and you must always keep in mind that you may have to travel to document a birth. Despite this, it is worthwhile.”




In each of her pH๏τographs, the infants’ eyes are тιԍнтly shut, their hair is frequently wet, and their bodies are completely folded over their legs so that their feet are next to their noses.


In one pH๏τograph, a newborn appears to almost fit, with his hands clenched in front of his face, while in another, the infant is so small and exhausted that it remains sound asleep in a folded position in the doctor’s hand.



Sometimes I shed tears myself, because you are so immersed in the moment. This moment is unique because the emotions are so genuine. It is one of life’s most pristine moments. This moment is filled with numerous emotions, including happiness, relief, amazement, pride, love, euphoria, and contentment, as well as numerous responses, including smiles and tears. Moments of silence and extreme happiness. It is always enchanting.”


The parents were appreciative when they received the pH๏τograph from Mary. This increases her motivation to find her labor worthwhile. Mary recently became a mother and has a vast amount of life experience due to her trials. She claimed that these images are more valuable than words and texts. It is tangible evidence of the suffering endured by women


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