Baby Born Looking Like ‘Ready-To-Eat Counter Chicken’ With Her Legs Flung Forward And Feet Beside Her Shoulders

A new mother was astounded to discover that her infant daughter always covered her face during scan pH๏τos with her thighs, not her hands. A newborn girl astonished physicians when she was born with her legs flung forward and her feet beside her shoulders, resembling a “ready-to-eat counter chicken.”

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Due to her flexible pose, Willow Flather-Paziuk, who is now one month old, astounded an entire team of physicians, who dubbed her a “little gymnast.”

Lily Paziuk, 20, is convinced she has a budding gymnast on her hands after observing her toddler’s legs thrust forward and feet alongside her shoulders.

Lily from Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, exclaimed, “I had no idea babies could be born that way.”

“At first, I thought her feet were backwards and wondered what was going on.”

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Lily has affectionately nicknamed her daughter “little chicken” due to the position’s amusing resemblance to a roasted chicken. Willow, who is now one month old, was fortunate unharmed and has since regained a more normal position for her legs after three weeks. She enjoys sleeping with her legs by her sides and her calves by her shoulders in a split resembling that of a professional gymnast. When an ultrasound revealed that Willow’s hips were unaffected by the uncommon position, Willow’s mother was ecstatic.

Lily stated, “We call her ‘little chicken’ because she continues to slumber with her legs out to the side at all times. Indeed, she resembles a small fowl.

“Because I delivered her via cesarean, I did not see her immediately, so I was unaware.

“The physicians were stunned. I was quite disoriented, but I recall that they were all quite stunned.

“When I returned to the ward, all the midwives were giggling about their inability to fit her feet into the baby grow.

“Seeing her was certainly a huge surprise for me. When I went to change her diaper for the first time, they spontaneously emerged. I was like ‘oh my goodness’.

“It will undoubtedly become a comedy as she ages. I’ll never let her forget it.”

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She added, “I believe she will be very adaptable. She can still return to that position at this time.

“Sometimes when I go to change her diaper, she throws her legs back into that position. She recalls it vividly.”

Lily believes that her 7 pound, 8 ounce infant became stuck in an unusual position because she ran out of space in the womb to allow her legs to extend down. Even though Willow was in a normal position during her 15-week ultrasound, Lily was informed that her daughter had her palms over her face at each subsequent check. The mother has since realized that it was Willow’s feet that were shielding her face, and can even see it in scan images. But Lily was terrified that moving her newborn’s legs could harm her, and she was disappointed that she couldn’t outfit her in any of the new baby grows she had purchased.

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Lily stated, “I felt awful because I spent a fortune on all these tiny infant outfits that she couldn’t wear. She could only wear vests because nothing would fit her legs.

She could only wear vests because nothing would fit her legs. She bowed her knees the following day, but they remained at her sides for approximately three weeks.

“The next day, she bowed her knees, but they remained at her side for approximately three weeks.

“I had difficulty holding her and was unable to change her diaper. I had no idea where to begin.

“It was hilarious, but I was also afraid of harming her. I was attempting to determine whether or not I could join her legs.

“It makes a great deal more sense now that she’s out and they’ve seen that her legs were also in that position.”

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Miss Paziuk added, “Willow is now doing fine.” The ultrasound of her hips revealed that they are all healthy. Her legs have returned to their normal position and are now completely upright.

She still sleeps with her legs at the side in the same position. It must be a relaxing position for her, God bless her


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