The Baby With Neonatal Progeria Fought With A Smile – The Sad Story of Eline Léonie!

The reader is moved to weeping by the brief existence of a 1.2-kilogram infant.

Mother Eline’s Instagram status line chronicled the voyage from conception to the little angel’s final moments.

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Eline Leonie Despite her diminutive size, she serves as an example of courage and pᴀssion for life to the entire world.  Eline Leonie was born on November 14, 2019, weighed 1200 grams, and measured 38 centimeters in height and length. At birth, Eline was diagnosed with neonatal progeria.  Progeria is an extremely odd genetic disorder that accelerates the aging process in infants. It is also known as ‘hutchinson-gilford syndrome’ and typically affects children older than 2 years. However, Eline’s neonatal progeria manifested itself promptly in her life.

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Mother Eline documented on her Instagram status line her voyage from pregnancy to the child’s pᴀssing. Saddens the observer tremendously. She wrote: “By the 20th week of pregnancy, it was evident that Eline was not a ‘normal’ baby. The stomach is much smaller than usual, while the heart is abnormally large. She had an ultrasound performed. I declined the doctor’s offer to conduct an amniocentesis test. 28 weeks into my pregnancy, I was hospitalized. Eline displayed no indications of development. During an ultrasound examination, Eline’s pulse halted for a few seconds before resuming a rapid rate. I was terrified and insecure. And immediately following this occurrence, the doctor ordered an emergency caesarean section for Eline.

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Eline was born on November 14 at 16:26 weighing 1200 grams and measuring 38 centimeters. Her mother gave her the name ELine Leonie because she believes, expects, and desires for her baby to continue to fight for her life, as well as her mother’s prayer and protection for her daughter.

Eline is gravely disabled, unable to develop, with cardiac muscle and digestive issues. Even after extensive investigation, the cause of Eline’s rare genetic defect remained unknown. My and her father’s genetic testing cannot explain how such an uncommon disease could develop in my child.

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About 13 years is the average life expectancy for adolescents with progeria. Some may die younger, while others may live well into their twenties. Eline cannot breastfeed independently like other children, so it is exceedingly challenging for her to eat and drink. The majority of Eline’s early nutrition arrives through a feeding tube.

During the hospitalization, Eline was ᴀssured, “There is a better world outside the hospital.” Eline’s mother said to Eline. And eventually, the promise was fulfilled.

On February 21, 2020, the mother and daughter were eventually discharged from the hospital after spending 100 days there. Mom Eline was overjoyed and ecstatic. A sensation of indescribable delight, mixed elation, and slight insecurity. Finally, the daughter can explore the world and return to her loving family.  She had made all her predictions about her daughter’s life, which was no longer lengthy, so she used the remaining time to provide Eline with the happiest and most lovely moments. She always brings humor into her life, which is the finest. Love is the most valuable ᴀsset for healing children.

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However, Eline was no longer able to accompany her mother on her voyage to combat this cruel disease. She celebrated her first birthday, but she pᴀssed away on March 7, 2021, just over three months later. This path has not been simple, but the bond between Eline and her mother, Michelle, has allowed them to appreciate each other to the utmost.

The fact that Eline would be one year old is nothing short of miraculous. Due to her mother’s affection and care, Elinio shared extraordinarily joyful and significant moments with her


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