The truth behind Project Silver Bug, an astonishing discovery of the connection between UFOs and alien technology

Division of the United States Air Force made certain declassified reports publicly known. They included the Silver Bug Project, which focused on the creation of a military “flying saucer”.

Also known as USAF Project 1794, Project Silver Bug was created by the Air Force for one purpose: to create a foolproof flying saucer. To do this, they hired a Canadian company based in Ontario, called Aircraft Limited. Thus, they began the creation of a vertical take-off and landing craft and to reach maximum match speeds at more than 3,000 meters high.

Project Silver Bug and an advanced ship

“Through the history of the program, the military “flying saucer” project was referred to by a number of different names. Avro referred to the efforts as Project Y, with individual vehicles known as Spade and Omega. Project Y-2 was later funded by the U.S. Air Force, who referred to it as WS-606A, Project 1794 and Project Silver Bug. When the U.S. Army joined the efforts it took on its final name “Avrocar”, and the designation “VZ-9”, part of the U.S. Army’s VTOL projects in the VZ series. © Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons”

The official report showed that the Project Silver Bug was canceled in September 1961, mainly due to problems when flying at high alтιтude. However, since 1955, it was already suspected that extraterrestrial technology had been used. Therefore, to many, its disqualification was nothing more than a confirmation of this rumour.

Many researchers expressed their doubts about the declassification report of the National Archives, because before this, the government did not give any answer about the project. This increased the uncertainty about its creation.

What was their actual goal? Why was the project canceled? There are many versions of this, some believe that there were a series of fatal accidents during those experiments took place consecutively. This suggests that the prototype of the ship was so dangerous that the personnel panicked it. Other theories suggest that extraterrestrial technology was used or even Vril energy was used.

In 1922, Dr. Winfried Otto Schumann, a professor at the Munich University of Technology, who discovered the resonance effect of the earth-air-ionosphere system, known as Schumann Waves, developed a prototype of a circular spacecraft with Vril energy.

According to some experts, this is a vital energy concentrated inside each planet, with unlimited faculties and that can be disciplined and used as fuel for all types of machines.

Terrestrial flying saucers

Although the manned disc crashed during its maiden flight, another more advanced five-meter version called “RFZ-2” flew successfully. This ship was acquired in 1944 by Hitler’s Third Reich SS E-IV Division.

These ships were combined with anti-gravity turbojet systems and conventional propulsion. Thus, they could rise vertically. Although this and other more advanced designs were successfully developed, they earned a bad reputation for spending more time in maintenance than in operation.

But the anti-gravity Vril designs showed much more efficiency. These were huge gyros that had the peculiarity of levitation through the generation of their own gravitational fields. Its main characteristics were that it could make turns of up to 90 degrees, as well as being able to reach speeds of 12,000 kilometers per hour at right angles without any sensation of movement or inertia.

For a long time, the Silver Bug Project was considered an urban legend. However, more and more declassified files are coming to light, which tell the truth about the UFO issue and the terrestrial constructions developed with their technologies

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